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Join NACE International and fellow corrosion professionals at the world’s largest corrosion conference and expo. After a record breaking year in San Antonio in 2014, CORROSION will once again join more than 7,000 corrosion professionals and 450

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SESSION II - INTEGRATED COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS ENGINEERING (ICME) AND CORROSION Monday, March 7 | 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. | Room 119-120 Symposium Chair: Chris Taylor | Symposium Vice Chair: Rajeev Gupta Time Abstract No. Title Author(s) 9:00 a.m. C2016-8765 ICME-Based Design Strategy to Develop Ultra High- Strength Steels With Improved Resistance to Hydrogen Aziz Asphahani (QuesTek Innovations) 9:25 a.m. C2016-8474 Corrosion Modeling Using 3D Probabilistic Cellular Automata Based Model Cristian Perez Brokate (CEA Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique), Annie Chausse, Damien Feron, Dung di Caprio, Jacques de Lamare 9:50 a.m. C2016-8464 Computational Design of Functional Coatings: A Multi- Scale Modelling Approach Erik Sapper, Clement Chu, Fiona Chen, Ivan Cole, Michael Breedon BREAK 10:25 a.m. C2016-8764 Beyond Evans Drop: Electrolyte Evolution during Atmospheric Corrosion Eric Schindelholz (Sandia National Laboratories), Harry Moffat, Kevin Zavadil, N Sorensen 10:50 a.m. C2016-8476 Peridynamic Modeling of Corrosion Damage Florin Bobaru (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Guanfeng Zhang, Ziguang Chen 11:15 a.m. C2016-8670 Exploring Critical Parameters Of The Damage Mechanism for Corrosion of Cr (Vi) Coating /Aluminum 2024 System Based on Deterministic-Probabilistic Approach Seongkoo Cho (Texas A&M University), Homero Castaneda 11:40 a.m. C2016-8663 Verifcation and Validation Strategies for ICME and Applications to Corrosion Christopher Taylor (DNV GL), Andreas Echtermeyer LUNCH 1:00 p.m. C2016-8687 Mass and Charge Balance (MCB) Model Simulations of Corrosion of Cr Containing Alloys Clara Wren (The University of Western Ontario), Mehran Behazin, Mojtaba Momeni 1:25 p.m. C2016-8636 First-Principles Based High-Throughput Search of Mg Alloy Phase Diagrams Diagrams for Identifying Corrosion Resistance of Stable and Metastable Precipitates Michael Garvey (University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign), Santanu Chaudhuri 1:50 p.m. C2016-8606 Combined Experimental and Numerical Approach to Study the Effect of Water Layer Thickness and Geometric Parameters on Electrochemical Distributions in Galvanically Coupled Airframe Components under Atmospheric Corrosion Chao Liu (University of Virginia) BREAK 2:25 p.m. C2016-8473 Development of a First Principles Method for Generating Theoretical Polarization Curves of Aluminum Kristen Williams (The Boeing Company), David Jackson 2:50 p.m. C2016-8524 A Model of AC Corrosion of API Grade X65 Pipeline Steel Robert Lillard (University of Akron), Elmira Ghanbari, Mariano Iannuzzi 3:15 p.m. C2016-8493 The Impact of Fluoride on the Corrosivity of Brackish Water on the Mild Steel in Industrial Cooling Water Sytems Alfonso Palazzo (Buckman Laboratories), Gregory Combrink, Josias van der Merwe 3:40 p.m. C2016-8388 Computer Modeling and Development of a Software to Predict Degradation of Carbon Steel in Seawater Subir Paul (Jadavpur University), Rajkrishna Paul 4:05 p.m. C2016-8466 Dilute Alloying Addition Effects on Magnesium Corrosion Thermodynamics from First Principles Krista Limmer (US Army Research Laboratory) SESSION III – COATINGS AND INHIBITORS Tuesday, March 8 | 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. | Room 118 Symposium Chair: Srdjan Nesic | Symposium Vice Chair: Bruce Brown Time Abstract No. Title Author(s) 8:00 a.m. C2016-8533 Evaluation of Protection Rate of Two Different Inhibitor Structures and Flowing and Stagnant Conditions Andreas Prethaler (University of Leoben, Austria) 8:25 a.m. C2016-8437 Charge Transfer at The Interface of Redox-Active Organic Compounds and Iron Oxide Amirmasoud Mohtasebi (McMaster University), Mark Biesinger, Peter Kruse, Tanzina Chowdhury 8:50 a.m. C2016-8685 Mechanism for Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloy 2024-T3 by Al-Rich Primer Xi Wang (The Ohio State University), Fan Yang, Gerald Frankel Research Symposia 5 0 TECHNICAL PROGRAM 50

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